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This is the post excerpt.

Hi there, I’m Dremulf, which is Norwegian for Dream Wolf (thank you google translate for the help). I am a sufferer of Schizophrenia and also a dog owner. I have decided to start this blog as a way to help other sufferers of mental illness understand the benefits of owning animals. But this is not limited to the effects they have on those with Mental Health woes. Anyone can improve their life by taking in an animal, From the single parent who works too many hours to put food on the table and keep a roof over their family’s head, to the homeless woman who was kicked out by her boyfriend after years of abuse.

Some people may not be all that big on dogs, guess what? there are many animals that can used for therapy, from rats and mice, to horses and llamas. Even if you can’t OWN a pet, you can usually find people who have animals trained specifically to help people. And of course Shelters and Independent Rescues are always looking for people to help with their animals.

I should probably tell you a little about myself. I am young by most standards, in my mid 20s, I am the oldest of several children, and own three dogs of my own, while also fostering for a dog rescue that is close to my heart and is practically family.  I was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia at age 18, but denied my diagnosis out of fear for many years. It took a severe episode of depression and a mild psychosis to make me admit to the fact I had this illness.

For those of you who know about Schizophrenia or ‘SZ’ It comes in several forms, including Schizo-affective, and some doctors believe it to be a spectrum of Bi Polar Disorder. For those of you who don’t know much about the illness let me explain it the best way I can.


SZ is an illness of the brain, it is not like other mental health issues in that it actually has Neurological signs, meaning the brain of a Schizophrenic does not work the same as a normal person. It actually shows up so different on an MRI or other Brain Scan, that it is actually classified as a Neurological condition, not a mental or emotional one. However! There are so many mental health aspects of the disease that it is still treated as a mental illness.

One of the many misconceptions about people with this disorder is that we are violent or dangerous, when in fact, most Schizophrenics would leave you alone rather than interact with you. It is a sad fact that some with our illness become violent, in the midst of an ‘episode’ but these people are in fact the minority. Most people with SZ are mindful of their condition, and the majority of us seek medical help.

Now I am not going to say we are just like you. We aren’t, but, we are still people, and many seem to forget that. They cast us out, or treat us like rabid animals. Some of us are lucky, our communities or our family come to our side in this time of need following diagnosis, but many are left alone, in the dark, with no one to turn to.

In the US where I live, there are good program in place, though it is hard to get into them sometimes. I am one of the lucky ones, I have a good therapist, a group that I meet once or twice a week, and good friends who help me with my problems. But in some places, people like me are treated worse than actual criminals.

Had a bad day? feel depressed? If you have SZ and you confess this to a police officer or medical professional, they will put you in a hospital for ‘your safety’ yet in the hospitals, not all but more than enough mind you, the treatment is worse than the illness. Many mental health facilities lack funding, particularly public ones, you may think that things like locking people up in small rooms or drugging them into virtual comas is something you only see in old movies or third world countries, but it happens right here in the US of A. All too often people with mental illness get caught in the wide net of fear cast by the public and made worse by certain groups. There are some in the government, the people who are supposed to stand up for our rights as human beings, who would rather we all be locked up never to see the light of day.

I don’t mean for this to turn into a rant, This blog is to fight for the rights of the mentally ill, but we have to address the issues to make things better, you can’t change things with wishful thinking.

The first step to changing things would be to acknowledge that mental illness is real, just like homophobia made people want to dismiss that homosexuality was happening, fear of the mentally ill has made people ignore us, and our needs. Many people out there still insist that mental illness is not real or that its an excuse for people to be lazy. Still others believe it is either entirely curable and that the suffers make the choice to suffer, or that its incurable and the people should be kept away from others so that they don’t pass it on to their children.

Then you have the people who are stuck in the dark ages, who believe that mental illness is either Gods punishment, or demons possessing you. These people tend to be the most violent towards the mentally ill. Not out of bad intentions but because in some countries, the ‘cure’ is exorcism. If you want a good shock on how mentally ill are treated in third world nations that practice Christianity, look up mental illness exorcism on google. These ‘cures’ can lead to severe disability or even death.

This is not an attack on Christianity, I was raised Baptist, and while I have my own issues with ALL religions I do not hate or rant against any one in particular. I believe that what someone believes is what is true for them. No single religion is perfect, despite what its fanatical followers might say, but if you listen to the more realistic folks who believe, you will find that they acknowledge the problems with their faith.

As you can see it is easy for me to get off on a tangent, the length of this post is something I intended to make you realize that people with SZ have many problems to deal with, Focus is one of them.

I will end this now, on these final notes. Mental Illness is NOT a joke, and animals are NOT things, they are living creatures who have the most wonderful power to heal even the most fractured heart and soul.

Sex, and the education kids need.

Some people might say to mind my own damn business in this matter. But I am tired of seeing report after report of parents getting Sex Ed taken out of schools, and then complaining because their kids had unprotected sex and they are now grandparents.

Look people, if you don’t tell your kids about the risks and dangers of sex, they are NOT going to be prepared for it. Would you send your son or daughter to war without teaching them how to use and maintain their weapon? If your answer is yes, please go to the nearest doctor’s office and get whatever tubes you have cut and burned.

Sex Ed is NOT going to corrupt your children and turn them into sexual deviants. Sex Ed does NOT teach about how to have sex or anything like that. It teaches about safe sex, how babies are made (sorry but if they grow up thinking the stork does it, then condoms wont mean jack to them) and of course the diseases you can get from not using protection.

I took Sex ed in 5th grade. You know what I learned? I learned that when a guy has a sex with a girl he can end up with a kid, or a disease that will make his Johnson rot and fall off. Guess how old I was when I had sex the first time? 20.

My cousin, we will call him Mitch, his mom said Sex Ed would corrupt him. He’s 24. His son is 10. Oops. and guess who his mom blamed for his little adventure? The school for not telling him that sex was bad, never mind that she threatened to sue the school if they even said the word near him.

You are not doing your kids favors by sheltering them from everything. And there is a HUGE difference between protecting and sheltering.

Protecting your kids keeps them from being harmed more than they can handle.

Sheltering them prevents them from building up enough scar tissue to survive in the real world.

Kids who were protected by their parents grow up to be soldiers, cops, doctors nurses.

Kids who were sheltered grow up to be basement dwellers, or if they are lucky obediently little slaves to a spouse picked out for them by mommy and daddy.

A 4th of July Tribute

This is a post by both me, J, and B, as we both have family who have served, and friends who are still serving.

We wish to Thank the Men and Women in Blue Who guard us on the home front. Without you brave and selfless people, this nation would not stand as it does today. While your Brothers and Sisters in the Military keep us safe from those who would attack us from the outside, you guard us from the dangers within our own borders.

We Thank those Officers who gave their lives to Serve and Protect. We thank those who willingly place their lives on the line for minimal pay, and crap treatment from all sides. Those who, despite the current Media Trend, still put on their uniform and come into work. The ones who are willing not only to give their lives, but take the lives of those who would harm the innocent, for while a bullet hole will mostly heal, the pain of taking a life can never be soothed.

We thank the Heroes in Red, who charge into burning buildings, with little regard for their own safety, to save not only human life, but furry and feathered life as well. We give special thanks to those brave men and women who, despite the obvious danger, charged into those towers that heart wrenching day 15 years ago. Many gave their lives, and that is a debt we can never repay.

We thank the EMTs, the Nurses and the Doctors, who worked hard in school to help us heal. We also Thank the Veterinarians, who devoted their lives to healing our irreplaceable furkids. And of course we thank the Support Staff, who keep the hospitals and Ambulances rolling so that these fine people can do their job.

We thank the Marines. First in, Last out, Oorah! The Soldiers. The SEALs, the Sailors, and even those pesky Airmen. Just kidding guys, it takes some serious balls to fly a plane at Mach 1 that was built by the lowest bidder!

WE thank the Volunteers, who give their time, without pay, to help others less fortunate than themselves.

We thank the Families of those who protect us, who live everyday with the knowledge their loved ones may not come home. I cannot imagine a pain like that.

And of course, We thank our parents, without whom, we would not be able to live in such an amazing place.

Gun Control-A Troubling Trend

Hi folks its J, the original Dremulf. I want to talk a bit about gun control, or rather the way people are trying to take it.


First of all, there is very little connection between mental illness large scale mass shootings. In fact so few Mass shootings have involved people who actually suffered a mental illness, that its absolutely ridiculous that people seem to think its only done by a mentally ill person.

To understand this you have to look at it rationally, without taking notice of political statements.

A person who suffers the kind of mental illness that would lead to third party violence (violence against someone who is not directly related to the person) lack the organizational skills to plan ahead for such a crime. In fact the few times a mass shooting has involved a mentally ill person, it involved a single firearm, usually a revolver or other hand gun, and with a small amount of ammo. These mass shootings resulted in fewer than 10 injuries and deaths per shooting.

When someone takes the time to plan the way they go about it, to buy multiple or, large capacity firearms, and well, a shit ton of ammo, it is a proof that they are not mentally ill, because mentally ill people do not have that kind of capacity to plan ahead their violence.

Mass shootings by the mentally ill are typically a heat of the moment thing, something sets them off, and they overreact. Like a kid throwing a tantrum in the store, only you know with guns and blood.

Mass shootings by people who are ‘disturbed’ is a whole different matter. being a fucking lunatic is not the same as being mentally ill. The kind of crazy that it takes to be willing to take a large number of lives for little to no reason is not a chemical or neurological thing, its a personality thing, a behavioral thing.

I know a lot of people who take the time to read this are going to say “Well what about those Columbine boys?”

No they were not mentally ill. People are gonna say they are, but its not true. Why? because being violent does not make you mentally ill. That’s like saying being bald means you have cancer.


And the reason for this posting? Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, have found common ground for a new Gun Control law. Barring anyone who seeks medical attention for a mental illness from purchasing or owning  a firearm. And it doesn’t stop at not letting them buy them, it goes so far, in the wording of this bill that has gotten support from multiple politicians from both sides, as to say that once a person has been confirmed to have been treated, their weapons in their home will be taken from them. So if you owned a handgun, and went to see a counselor about feeling mildly depressed after a funeral, they will take your gun.

Try to bear in mind, roughly a 1/3 of the US population is actively seeking treatment for a number of mental illnesses, and the CDC reports that about 2/3 of the population has at one time sought professional help.

The people this will most affect are not even normal citizens, but soldiers who suffer PTSD because they fought for the bill of rights. It will affect the rights of women who have been raped and want to protect themselves, and it will affect the millions of people who went to see a professional after a tragic loss.

Do I believe that some people should not be able to own guns? yes I do. But I don’t think you should be able to deny a constitutional right to 2/3 of the American population based on a highly inaccurate stereotype.

That would be like saying Blacks cant own guns because of the high rate at which they kill other people. Its WRONG.

Media Bias: The Fear of Bad Press

Yo, B here, got a bit of gripe, but its got a large number of factors to it.


Bias in the Media. And no I don’t just mean Fox News their ultra conservative bull crap, which is indeed pretty bad.

I am talking about how certain things are so taboo in media now, that it interferes with the whole ‘Free and Unbiased Media’ thing. If a Black person attacks a white person, for no reason or for a very bad one, it seems to only get a few minutes in the media.

I feel for the victims of the Orlando Shooting, but has anyone really noticed how the focus of the media isn’t the ‘Extremist Muslim Terrorist’ Aspect but the ‘Assault type rifle’ Aspect.

I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment. Big time. But that doesn’t mean I am unreasonable about CONTROL. But there is a huge difference between CONTROLLING guns and gun sales and BANNING guns and gun sales.

Should there have been some kind of failsafe in place to prevent the shooter from getting the guns? Yes. My opinion? If you are investigated for Terrorism or any other violent crime, even if nothing is found at the time, you should be prohibited from buying any kind of firearm or ammunition for say six months.

But everyone is screaming for guns to be banned based on their looks or abilities.

And ‘assault type’ rifle? No civilian can own one in the US. Because a true Assault type weapon fires in three round burst or full automatic. Which by Federal law, a civilian firearm CANNOT fire more than one round per pull of the trigger.

The type of firearm Hillary Clinton talks about banning? Is SEMI automatic, which means any firearm that does not require a physical action by the user to reload. So all firearms used by police, any hand gun that isn’t a single action revolver or flint lock type pistol, and technically includes the pump action shot gun.

My concern is, when it comes to banning things, it starts like this. First they make it so you cant get one type of that thng, then they slowly remove all the other types.

As Adolf Hitler once said. “The best way over take a nation is to first disarm it.”

But as far as media bias goes? If you report on the darkside of Abortion? you are anti women. Report on a black on white crime? Racist. Report on a Shooting without blaiming the gun? Just as bad as the murderer. And God forbid you should report on a recent immigrant or refugee who has committed an atrocity!

Not being racist I swear, I’m half Native American, my ancestors were pretty well screwed over by white people, but it seems that unless the bad guy is Male, white, or a gun, or some combo of the three, you are anti American if you report it.

I’d like to point out the horrible factor of this, and its not just the US it seems to be worldwide. In the United States, a 12 year old boy pointed a toy gun he had altered to look real. So many people say “He wasn’t pointing it at them” but please, watch the video from the police Cruisers dash cam, not the video uploaded to youtube that has several points where it is obvious they cut or altered the video.

The kid was black, the cops were white. MEDIA SHIT STORM.

South Africa. A white family, not a british colonial white family, a NATIVE white family, as in the only ‘pale skinned’ humans who aren’t Caucasian or some kind of light skinned latino. Naturally white Africans, were forced out of their home, that their family had owned for several hundred years. When they attempted to appeal to the government, the Father was executed, the mother SOLD INTO SLAVERY and the son and daughter, both younger than eight, or thrown off a boat into shark infested waters and left there. No one has seen them since. The only ONLY report on this was by a person who witnessed it.

The whole reason they were kicked out and killed? The South African Government determined that ‘White Lands’ would be returned to ‘Black Hands’. It did not matter to them that there were white natives.

Google it I dare you! If you find anything, I will shocked if its on something other than a small blog or maybe a local SA news paper.

I’m not saying that white people do no wrong ,shit EVERY ONE has done something bad in their life by the time they are 20.

I am all for equality, but, that means the SAME rights, not special rights. You cant demand EQUALITY while also demanding that you given a free pass or something. No one gets a free pass.

I’m not taking about Welfare, that’s a topic that’s sensitive to me, because I’ve been on some form of State or Federal Aid a number of times in my life. Just long enough to get my feet back under me. I didn’t make a career out of it. And contrary to conservative belief, its not all black people doing that, nor is it white ‘druggies’ as discovered when, two years ago, they made drug tests mandatory for welfare recipients, and less than 1% tested positive for ANY drug including alcohol. And since the tests were random, you cant say they just stayed off drugs long enough to pass.

People of all races abuse the system. And not just races, but genders and sexual orientation groups as well! A woman doesn’t get the job, but a man does. Doesn’t matter if the guy was better qualified for the job, or made a better impression on the interviewer, she automatically sues for gender discrimination. A gay man or lesbian is refused housing, but a straight person gets it, even if the reason was because of their housing record (landlords communicate you know!) the sue for discrimination. And as posted on this blog already, If a black man doesn’t get a scholarship, he sues to get one from a  person who was better qualified than him.

Lets reverse the roles here. A straight, white, man is denied a job, an apartment, and a scholarship he worked hard for. He lost these things to people who, one had no experience compared to his ten years plus, two had never had a single problem with previous rental agreements compared to their multiple lawsuits about leaving their previous apartments in condition that actually required THOUSANDS in repairs, and three Never scored higher than a C in their entire high school career compared to his 4.4 GPA.

Between me and J, we have experienced ALL of these things. I was denied a job, the guy who interviewed me called and told me that they had hired someone else because the company was afraid of litigation if they didn’t hire them, despite the fact they had half the qualifications I had.

J was refused a Government subsidized  apartment because he made too much money. How id he make too much money? he is disabled, only gets 500 a month in SSDI benefits, and had no other assets. Compare that to one of the people living in the complex, who owned TWO BMWs, and a pair of jet skis. No idea their race, but these things were parked in the same apartment lot. (as in the lot used by a single apartment)

If me or J tried to sue for discrimination, you think it would even go to court? Nope. The Supreme court has issued an official statement on this.

“None minority groups, cannot file for discrimination unless they can provide evidence of a direct violation.”

Their meaning of direct evidence? you have to get them on video and audio SAYING that they refused you for your race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. So if they didn’t hire you because you are straight you have to get them to say on camera, “We don’t hire straight people.”

And the media doesn’t cover it.

A bunch of women complain that guys who work in the same building, who have degrees and years of experience more than them are paid more, the media screams for blood.

A white woman embezzles money and takes bribes while working for the VA, not only that but makes it so hard for Veterans to get the services they were promised, that hundreds of them DIE of simple, easy to fix problems. Yet she not only is sympathized with, but now she may be getting her job back!

Lets not forget that the media has failed to mention that the average wait period for a Veteran in need of a heart surgery or pace maker implant is 2-5 years. YEARS. not weeks, not months, YEARS.

In one case a Marine need of of a heart surgery to repair damage done while he was overseas was told he needed the surgery within 6  months if you want to live. His appoint for the surgery was rescheduled ELEVEN TIMES, he ended up waiting almost TWO YEARS, by the time they got him in the defect had become so severe, he had to be put on the organ transplant list. He passed away last year from his heart problems. at the age 33.

But if a Refugee has to wait more than ten minutes in a crowded ER, even if they only have a chest cold and they have people coming in from a major multi car pile up on some interstate, oh boy! those doctors and nurses are SOOO RACIST!!!

RACISM, And why it affects EVERYONE

J here, this is a bit off topic, well a lot, but it needs to be addressed.

Yesterday I was informed that I would NOT be getting the academic scholarship I had applied for to get into a local college. The reason? They had a late entry applicant who had a ‘greater need’.

Now you have to understand, my GPA (admittedly I went to adult ed but I still have a GPA) was 4.4 Considering an A average is 4.0 that’s pretty damn good!

The person who is getting my ACADEMIC Scholarship by the school’s own admission has a GPA of 2.4. Since the college actually requires a GPA of 3.5 to get admission in the first place, I’m was not sure what to think. So I figured it was a special needs person. I was VERY wrong. I asked to meet this person, if they agreed, so I could wish them luck.

The person who walked into that meeting room was not special needs. He admitted to not really caring about going to college but his mom insisted. Said he only ever did the classes he liked in high school.  He didn’t fill out the scholarship app on time because he was ‘too busy playing COD’ and forgot.

So I am losing my scholarship to a guy who doesn’t even care about getting the education. So I asked him ‘why this scholarship?’ “All the African Heritage Scholarships were taken.”

Yup, he’s black. He fully admitted to me that when his mom found out he didn’t qualify for any scholarships, she threatened to sue six colleges for discrimination, and my college is the one that folded.

Now I will be the first to admit that too many white people think of blacks as stupid, criminalistics, and violent. Its not true, I know that. But black people have their own racist (and it is racist) views of whites. Like the idea being spread by black activists that White men are more likely to be sex offenders. They base this ‘fact’ on the statistics for incarceration. Yes there are more white men in jail for sex crimes than black men. But it isn’t disproportionate. if you have 200 people and 50 are black the rest white, and you have 30 white sex offenders and 10 black sex offenders, you actually have the same percentage of sex offenders, but at first glance it looks like there are more white offenders.

The fact of that equation is 1/5 of each race will be a sex offender. and 1/5 of 150 is a bigger over all number than 1/5 of 50.

But my problem isn’t a criminal one, its the fact I lost a scholarship that I worked my butt off for, because someone threatned to sue for racial discrimination.


Is that how black people want to be known? Do what I want, give me what I want or I will sue you?

Is ruining someone financially really different in these modern times to beating someone for not giving you what you want? Whats that different (beside the physical violence) Between attacking someone who is different from you, and suing them for not being extra nice to you because you are different from them?

If a black person was passed over for a scholarship they had EARNED because a white person threatened to sue the school over how they deserved it more, it would be a media shit storm!

I get it, 20 years whites were 80% of the college population. But has anyone citing the gap between whites and minorities on campus looked at recent numbers? in 2014 only 21% of students enrolled in higher education (college/University/Tech.Schools) were white males. Further breaking it down by Race, Gender and Economic standing, only 8% of campus students were white males with a family income under 80K annual.

Wouldn’t that mean that poor white males are now the underrepresented on campus? It has actually gotten so bad that some schools of higher learning are facing Federal Sanctions because their ‘diversity’ is a joke. One school Mississippi had 3000 black students, and less than 200 white ones, with no Hispanics and no Asians. Another school in California had an ethnic break down of 58% Black 20% Hispanic 20% Asian and only 2% white.

Yet the students at these schools are insisting that white people are getting preference at enrollment there!

Maybe this rant is because I am angry about losing my scholarship. But really can anyone with common sense blame me? If anyone who disagrees posts a comment, don’t be afraid, I wont delete the comment, I will gladly let your opinion be known. But if your argument is “Well white people owned slaves so its only fair.” I’m sorry you are mistaken. My ancestors fought to free the slaves, and NONE of them owned any.

If people want to blame me for what white people I have no relation to did over a hundred years before I was born, then I should be allowed to blame black people for the murder of my great grandfathers sister which happened in the 30s. She was 22 and was a teacher at a black school in Boston. She was stabbed by a students father after his son failed a class for attendance issues. You know the fact the kid would show up for his morning classes, skip her class, and then attend the afternoon classes. All because she was a white woman and. Emphasize both those words please. This boy did not respect her because she was WHITE and a WOMAN.

Has anyone else been passed up for something because of their race, I don’t care what race you are, I will gladly approve your comment.

All the (service) Creatures, Great and Small

Hey there folks Dremulf here, well J anyway, I fell behind and asked Brian to help me out so he’s been doing most of the posting lately. Felt I should get my butt moving and get a good post out of my own!

Today I would like to talk about all the different kinds of Service, Emotional Support, and therapy animals!

Dogs are of course a classic, they come in a number sizes and temperaments, which means almost anyone can find one to fit their lifestyle and needs.

Ponies and Mini Horses are also quite popular, as they are smart enough to do most of the things dogs can, and have lips that let them do some things dogs can’t. Dogs can bite a pencil and bring it to you, but a horse or pony can use their lips and make marks on the paper. Some horses have even been taught to write simple words! They can also wear special diapers, and be taught to open doors and drawers with just their lips, no rope or towel needed.

Rabbits, Rats, and even Mice can be therapy and ES animals! Rabbits are well known for their calm demeanors and soft fur, and their tendency to cuddle into the crook of your arm. But did you know Rats have been trained to do a number of amazing jobs to help people! Rats, like dogs, can detect cancer cells under the skin! They can also sniff out landmines without setting them off! Rats also have personalities like dogs. Some are sweet and loving to everyone they meet, others only like their owners. Mice are small, and are great for people who are afraid of larger animals. Despite popular belief, the human ‘fear of mice’ is actually a human fear of HURTING them! Our natural instincts make us fear for the safety of small animals. In Japan, before the Tsunami, Scientists and animal trainers were teaching rats and mice to search out humans in collapsed buildings!!

Goats. This one might seem a little weird, when you think of goats, you think of these weird animals with rectangle pupils, big horns, and an appetite for anything that will fit in their mouths. But goats are REALLY SMART! There are people working to train goats to do the same things a service dog does. Goats can also be used for protection! A goat will naturally defend its ‘herd’ and the land its herd lives on. Now not all goats will be aggressive. My mother has a goat named Lilla who likes to get out of her pen (still not sure how she does it) and follow random people, she doesn’t go far, but it has scared some people.

Llamas and Alpacas can also work as therapy animals. They are capable of being very sweet tempered animals (llamas can be aggressive if not neutered so don’t just pick up a random llama and take it home. they also get big, like 300 lbs sometimes.) Both animals are also dual purpose, as their fur is high quality and often used for knitting and other yarn based hobbies.

Foxes. Yes Foxes. those cute little, itty bitty red and white critters. Who also like to murder entire flocks of chickens, steal cats and kittens right off your porch and walk right up to you looking for food ins some places. The Foxes that I am referring to are NOT WILD FOXES. The increasingly popular ‘Domesticated’ Fox, hailing from a behavioral research centre in Russia. They are actually the result of a domestication experiment to see how many generations it would have taken ancient man to domesticate the ancestors of our favorite modern day canid. The foxes that are being sold are EXTREMELY expensive, running upwards of $3000 American for the animal, not counting transport costs, permits, and the modifications you need on your home to keep them safe and happy. Zoro, a very special fox from this program is being used to teach kids about wildlife and respect for nature. While some might say a wild fox raised in captivity would be better for this job, it is actually safer to use Zoro.

Parakeets, cockatiels, and finches. In some long term care facilities (such as retirement homes and adult living centers) keep small, friendly birds as a way to brighten their patients days. The bright colors and happy tweeting has proven very successful at improving mood among terminally ill patients.

Cats. Keep in mind this list is not in any order lol, cats are very popular as therapy animals. They are a common sight to behold in nursing homes and in some countries, are even left to roam grade school hall ways and classrooms!

Fish. What is more soothing than watching a clean fishtank filled with colorful little swimmers lazily moving from side to side? Its a very common tactic in medical offices of all kinds, in an effort to reduce stress.

Full Size Horses and Donkeys. These animals are used with a lot of special needs children and adults. Who hasn’t heard of a ‘Horse Feathers’ type program, where kids with various mental disabilities ride horses and work with them, in an effort to increase their social skills?

Dolphin. Our lovable, ocean going counterparts (dolphins are thought by many to be equal to humans in terms of intelligence). A common practice in some countries where these animals are loved is to have people with physical disabilities go into the water with them. The dolphins will help the disabled people to swim in the water, and in some cases these are completely wild dolphins doing it!


Many scientists and philosophers say that what makes us human is our ability to sympathize with animals of another species. So by that definition, dogs, elephants, dolphins and so many others are ‘human’. I’m not going to argue about sentience and sapience, I simply don’t have the time, and I’m pretty sure that even if its huge, WordPress has a character limit on these blog posts.

Have you seen or heard of a Service, Therapy or Emotional Support animal not listed on here? please comment with a story about  them!

Hey Diets and their impact on mental health.

Okay so I eat meat, well me and J both do, his family raises pigs (they had a sow go last year that was 380 lbs DRESSED, meaning gutted, they got about 300 lbds of meat total from a single pig, 40 of it bacon!) And I raise Black Angus Beef cattle.

I do respect people’s choices to eat vegetarian or vegan, however, any diet, no matter what its primary source, can be dangerous without proper balance. Sadly with Vegans you have a lot of people like this guy


Vegan Gains. A Vegan, and professional body builder. Who also likes to talk about how much he would like to kill people who disagree with him, and how everytime he sees a baby in a stroller he wants to ‘put my foot through it and stomp it until its nothing but blood and mush under my feet’.

Really nice guy huh? and guess what? He isn’t mentally ill. Possibly Sociopathic, maybe a little ‘roid rage? But this guy, and others like him, are why its so hard to take vegan seriously, because…well because they act like THAT. That link is to his channel. Note some of the video titles such as “The perfect knife for cutting veggies and people” and “How I like to kill people”.

Now I don’t know if these people were nuts BEFORE they became vegan, but if it happened after, does that mean a Vegan life style makes you a public safety hazard?

Now I’m not saying all vegans are like this, that would be like saying all people who eat meat lock cows into tiny pens and slaughter them with a sledge hammer. All the while giving themselves a good feel.

My point is a healthy diet is required for a healthy mind. Preferably, going by our human digestive system, our diet should be evenly made up of meat, veggie, fruit and grain. We do not have the necessary set up to be strictly herbivores, our intestines don’t have enough sphincter muscles to process vegetable matter that efficiently. But we could not survive on just meat either. Without some kind of veggie to balance us out, we would get diarrhea and die of dehydration.

Now some people allergies and intolerances. I know I have rare condition that makes me allergic to most veggie proteins, like the ones found in corn wheat soy and anything with a hard shelled seed. Peanuts will make me sick, beans will make me sick, even watermelon seeds will make me sick.

Other people cant eat meat proteins, for the same reasons.

I’m not casting judgement on people for their lifestyle choices. (unless you are a cannibal, then you go fuck yourself, or if you are a rapist or child molestor, in which case please meet me sometime in a dark alley, id like to talk to you about Gods judgement, and expedite your meeting with him).

There is a video on youtube I rather like, by AwakenwithJP Very funny, called If Meat Eaters acted like Vegans. Its not meant to be serious, but it makes you think.

If you feel like trashing me for talking bad abut Vegan Gains, go ahead, but, talks about killing babies like its completely normal…and when I posted a video about killing pedophiles, youtube took it down, but they left his video about killing babies up. The man is nuts, and coming from me, that’s saying something.

Why is Breed Specific Legislation the same as Racism?

So this is a pretty hot topic in some places.

On one side you have those who want to protect children from dangerous dogs. Well that’s fine, I have no problem what so ever with protecting people from DANGEROUS dogs. But sadly, these people target one group of dogs, and its a pretty big one too.

Bully Breeds, commonly referred to as ‘pit bulls’ ‘landsharks’ and other names.

Among the ‘bully breeds’ that BSL targets are Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull terriers, Mastiffs, Pugs, Boston Terriers….wait what? Pugs? Boston Terriers? Yup. Both Pugs and Boston Terriers trace their family lines back to the same breed as the Pit Bull. So do French Bull dogs, you know those cute little bug eyed things that look like aliens?

The problem with BSL isn’t the over all goal, its the way they are going about it. They want to protect people, I get that. But you cant protect people by:

  1. Accusing them of Beastiality (very common among these people…)
  2. Wishing their children would be ‘eaten’ by their pit bull.
  3. Stalking and harassing them both on social media and in the real world.
  4. Taking photos of kids that are NOT yours with pit bulls and posting them on ‘private’ media pages with captions like ‘Maul-cake finally eats Alphabet Tard, it was bound to happen’. (this is an actual meme, using a little girl with a mental handicap who has a service dog that is a pit bull)
  5. Calling people crazy for owning a pit bull.
  6. Promoting animal abuse because its ‘just a pit bull’
  7. Promoting Dog fighting because its the only use for a pit bull
  8. Suggesting we send pit bulls to China to be eaten.
  9. Using completely made up statistics to make your point tat pit bulls are dangerous. (one post that comes to mind, in the span of six sentences says that “47 dog bite fatalities occurred in 2014, 27 of which were pit bulls”. Three sentences later it says “of the 200 reported pit bull bite deaths in 2014”. So yeah, making shit up is not okay)
  10. and it is most assuredly NOT okay to announce on social media, with your settings on public, that you go to shelters, ‘adopt’ pit bulls, then take them to your vet, say they were being aggressive and having them put down. Then going back and adopting again. Yes, someone on the site Daxton’s Friends ADMITTED to this on Facebook. And even goes so far as to say her vet ‘agrees with the idea’. If this is true her vet needs to have their license pulled.

I understand that some of them lost family, even their children to a pit bull type dog. That is horribly sad, I feel for them. But, and here is where my title comes in, Blaming all pit bulls for a handful of attacks, is the same as blaming all Blacks for violent crime, all whites for child molestation, and all Asians for vehicular homicide. Not to mention blaming Native Americans for all Bar Fights, and Indians for you losing your job in telemarketing.

Blaming an entire group, of any species, for the actions of a small number, is RACISM. I don’t care if its dogs, cats, humans, or monkeys.

Do pit bulls show up on dog bite stats more often than other breeds? yes they do, but only because most people don’t report dog bites by small breeds. Going by sheer aggression, Chihuahuas are in the number two spot, just behind Dachshunds.

As for other breeds on the ‘top ten biters list’ German Shepherds are on there, but, the statistics include police K9 bites on criminals. Another thing about those statistics, is they also include dogs that attack home invaders and private property trespassers. Broken down Pit Bull attacks look something like this. The numbers I am going to use are not ‘real’ but are based off percentages of the number of attacks over the last four years.

say there are 100 pit bull attacks in one year (which is a huge amount, because even the worst year for pit bull attacks in the US there were only 54)

well according to the break downs I found, 24 of those would be stray dogs that were injured, 37 would dogs that were in their yard or home when a stranger entered, that’s 61% so far right?

another 18 of these dog attacks fall under the category of ‘provoked’ meaning someone antagonized the dog until it bit them. So we 79 of the 100 being pretty much being the humans fault. 11 of these dog bites are small children left ALONE with the dog in cases where the dog had previous displayed some aggression. The final ten were considered ‘unexpected or unprovoked’ These include dogs with no known history of aggression attacking a family member, and dogs under 2 years old who were supervised with children that bit the child hard enough to draw blood. (which I can tell you lots of stories about dogs of all kinds of breeds that are under 2 that drew blood while playing)

So a whopping 10% of Dog Bites that take place are unprovoked or occur when the dog gets too rough while playing.lets be generous to the BSL advocates and say only 3 of those bites were the result of rough playing tat still means that only 7 out of 100 pit bull bites were unprovoked with no warning.

Compare that to the number of shooting deaths caused by humans that are labeled unprovoked with no warning.

of 31,277 shooting deaths 1,239 were unprovoked attacks driven by religious or political view points.

Another fact I would like to point out, is that in every area where Pit Bull type dogs are banned or restricted, the number of dog bites has not gone down, in fact in about half, the number went up by as much as 60%

The key to reducing dog bite fatalities is not banning one breed, because I am sorry but if you deported every non white person in the US, crime would not go down. Not much anyway.

The key is EDUCATION about how to raise a dog, how to spot aggression before it becomes problematic, and most importantly, how to protect your family from mishaps. The majority of children killed by dogs were unsupervised, and were under the age of ten.

I’m not going to say that parents who lose a child this way are irresponsible, but I will say their childs death could have been avoided with some simple safety measures. Would you let your child play in room alone with gun? The gun itself isn’t dangerous, but if used incorrectly or tossed or thrown (or in the case of a dog, poked, pulled and prodded, possibly even kicked) it can go off, and then you have a dead kid.

Do I personally know anyone who was attacked by a dog? yes I do. Several. In fact right now as I type this I am being attacked by a 4 pound 6 week old German Shepherd puppy.

A close friend of mine was attacked by his moms boyfriends pit bull the guy used for dog fighting. You wanna know who he blames for the attack? his moms now ex boyfriend. Not the dog, not the breed.

BSL is also a lot like gun control. First they ban guns with magazines over 10 rounds, then five rounds, then they ban the gun itself. Or they make it so you have to have a special permit, then they make that permit more and more expensive, until only the elite can afford it.

Just like gun control, they will start by banning pit bull type dogs, then Shepherd type dogs, and so on until you have no dogs, or only the rich can have dogs.

Another thing Daxton’s Friends promotes, killing all dogs that get loose or are in shlters. Their reasoning is, if people risk having their dogs killed for running loose, they wont let them run loose. Well all I have to say is, if you can shoot my dog for getting loose by accident I can shoot your kid for breaking my window, or spray painting my house, or crossing the street without the light.

Doesn’t sound so great when you bring kids into it does it?

A Letter to the Millenial

Yes I am one, but me? I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, God didn’t I hate it there, all the people from the city who came to enjoy nature, you know those idiots who have do idea what a turn signal is, or how to follow the speed limits set in place. I know now why so many other New Englanders (I’m looking specifically at my co blogger J, who originally made this blog) call us Mass Holes. So here a letter to my fellow 20 somethings.


Dear Millennial,

Get off your lazy ass and get a goddam job! Yeah I know the job market sucks. No I don’t care if you went to college and are looking for better work that fits your degree. If you aren’t making money, you are a burden on someone else. I’m pretty sure that your parents, provided they don’t have any other children that are under 18, fully planned on doing something other than supporting your self righteous ass after you got out of school.

“Oh but, I have special knowledge, I’m not like those loser who work flipping burgers.” Who gives a rats ass? I went to college for six years, you wanna know what I do for a living? I run my brother’s farm while he is OVERSEAS protecting your pathetic ass so you can live another day without having to work! I spend my days shoveling shit, collecting shit for the vet to test, wallowing through shit to get to an animal that is too stupid to not get stuck in the middle of the manure pile behind the barn.

I have a masters degree in Medicine, I SHOULD be working in a hospital as a nurse. I SHOULD be making 60K a year SAVING LIVES like I set out to in my freshman year of highschool.

I gotta admit though, being able to breed dogs is pretty fun, and seeing all those baby goats and calves every year is heart warming. But really you know what farming is? Back breaking labor, EVERYDAY surrounded by SHIT.

So if I can shovel animal dropping s all day long, I’m pretty sure you can flip some burgers, or clean some toilets. Not a big deal, at least then you are making SOME kind of income. It may not be much, but it will help your poor parents with the bills you wrack up and the food you eat.

And don’t even think about saying how you are ‘better’ than anyone because you have ‘awards’ from school. Guess what? a ‘participation’ award just means you got off your ass and got involved. Hell my little brother got one of those for raising his hand at a math bee. He got the question wrong too!

I am not really what you might call a Christian, but I like how they do things for the most part. They set some rules in place, and if you break them? BAM you burn for eternity. But my point is the bible states quite clearly “All man was created equal” So if that 60 something veteran can spend a few hours greeting people at Walmart for minimum wage, you can sure as hell fold shirts.

Now I’m not saying give up on your dreams. No one should do that. But do you think the homeless Vietnam Veterans dreamed of living in a card board box, begging for food, suffering from a mental illness caused by the shit they saw? I don’t think so.

You think my co blogger J’s mom dreamed of dropping out of high school to raise her nephew because his dad was a useless dead beat? Probably not, in fact from what J tells me his mom may have wanted to do one of two things. Be a nurse (like my mom) or be a writer. Instead the poor woman ended up getting a GED, and spending her life supporting her family with dead end jobs. At one point she was supporting her kids and her husband with TWO jobs. The fact the lady isn’t dead is a true testament to a woman’s strength.

Chase your dreams, but remember, you cant buy that deal making suit for your Wall Street dream job without money.


A fellow Millennial

P.S Cut your goddam hair you friggin Hippies!

Supporting Veterans Supports Peace

Seems rather oxymoronish yes? Not really. Veterans put their lives on the line, in countries all over the world (and maybe even on others!) to protect not only the people they love, But the people who share their love of life.

The US Veterans get a LOT of negative publicity. Sure some, a very select few, have done some pretty bad things, I’m not going to support the ones who beat and defecated on bound prisoners, just no.

But I will support the ones who risk life limb and mental well being, to keep me and my loved one safe from ‘all who wish them harm’. Maybe I am a bit biased, my whole family, barring myself, have been military. My grandfather was an officer in Korea, his father was in WWI. My Mom was an Army medic, before getting pregnant with me and becoming a nurse in the private sector. My step dad served 25 years in the Army Reserves and my biological father was killed in Desert Storm, by disease not gunfire. (that’s all my mother was told was that he contracted an illness and died within 72 hours).

My three older brothers are in the Navy, the Corp and he Air Force. My late girlfriend (who passed away when I was 18) was the younger sister of a Marine Officer, and her father was an Officer in the Navy.

So yes, I am probably a bit biased when it comes to our men and women in uniform. Please keep in mind I do NOT take credit for any of my family member’s valor, I’m just the poor slub who failed the psych Eval.

We here on SZ and Dogs owe much to our veterans, because without them, our world would be a much worse place for us than it already is, since if Hitler had won WWII he would have enacted his plan to wipe out those who were ‘inferior’ including the mentally ill.

Not only this, but EVERYDAY hundreds if not thousands of Veterans, world wide, join the ranks of the mentally ill as they are traumatized by the horrors of war. But in all honesty, I would not want people who aren’t affected that way in the army defending my freedom, but if killing people doesn’t make you ill, then you are truly mentally disturbed and probably shouldn’t be trusted with a gun of any kind. Not even if all it shoots is chunks of potato…

So after you read this, take the time to thank your local Veterans, no matter what war they fought in, or how long ago it was. It doesn’t take much, many of them wish only to hear two simple words. “Thank you.”

If you wish to make a bigger difference in our Veterans’ Lives, make donations, not just money, but clothing, daily needs, maybe offer to watch their kids or pets while they go to an event for the evening.

And don’t forget to support out four legged Veterans too!

And remember a Veteran isn’t just a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, they include our men and women in Blue, our heroes in the big red (or yellow) trucks, and those first responders known as EMTs.

These people all sacrifice so much for our well being, and never do they ask for much. Most cops will break down in tears just to hear a child say thank you. A Firefighter will charge into a burning building for a kitten, which a lot of people will call crazy because its ‘just an animal’.

And while I NEVER promote violence, if you see someone protesting at a funeral service of any kind, but especially for a fallen Hero, kindly show them where to put their signs 😀