The ‘Cure’

Many people will tell you there are ‘cures’ for mental illness. These people are either grossly misinformed or lying.

While it is true that some people who suffer more minor mental illnesses may become non-symptomatic after a few treatments, there is no actual cure for any of them, only treatments.

If you suffer from mental illness, particularly severe ones like Depression, Bi Polar, and Schizophrenia, you may wish for a cure, and even be more likely to believe that someone has found one. Sadly many people with mental illness are scammed this way.

The one sure fire way I have heard of curing a mental illness, without killing the patient, is an electric shock directly to the brain. There has been only one confirmed case of this happening, and while the doctor who did (in a third world nation where medical laws are lax) proudly proclaims his patient completely cured of their Schizophrenia, he fails to mention that they are just this side of a vegetable. The patient in question can breath on their own and walk, but is unable to communicate and must be fed with a tube, because they cannot coordinate enough to chew and swallow..

I am writing on this topic because someone in my support group was scammed by a total scumbag a few years ago and they asked me to tell their story to help others avoid this all too common scenario. The story that follows will be told in the first person, as I am bad with third person translation.


I was in California visiting my son, he had just graduated from UCLA getting his Masters. I attended a meeting while there of people with Depression and related ailments, when a man stood up and announced that he too had been depressed, but had found a miracle drug that ‘cured’ him.

Having suffered from chronic depression and Bi Polar disorder for seven years, I was desperate to believe it to be true. I took his card and went to the building listed as the address. It was quite a nice place, clean white walls inside, with a professional looking receptionist at a desk in front. I paid the $3,000 they asked for, for a six month supply. They told me I would see results within that time frame.

When nothing happened after three months I contacted my Family Doctor, who took the pills I was given and had them tested. They were not only ‘fake’ they contained dangerous chemicals that would give a person a sense of euphoria when taken, and result in them becoming addicted.

When I tried to press charges, police found the building empty and having been rented under a false name. I spent so much money, and yet I know that I allowed it to happen by letting my feelings and desperation get the best of me.


This is S’s story, please keep it in mind if anyone tells you they can ‘cure’ your mental illness!


Author: Dremulf

J-I am Schizophrenic dog owner who wants to spread the message that Mental Illness is not a death sentence, and that animals can cure almost any ailment of the heart and soul. B-I am a farmer and dog breeder who suffers from Schizophrenia. I am a huge supporter of the military and can be a bit rough around the edges.

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