Supporting Veterans Supports Peace

Seems rather oxymoronish yes? Not really. Veterans put their lives on the line, in countries all over the world (and maybe even on others!) to protect not only the people they love, But the people who share their love of life.

The US Veterans get a LOT of negative publicity. Sure some, a very select few, have done some pretty bad things, I’m not going to support the ones who beat and defecated on bound prisoners, just no.

But I will support the ones who risk life limb and mental well being, to keep me and my loved one safe from ‘all who wish them harm’. Maybe I am a bit biased, my whole family, barring myself, have been military. My grandfather was an officer in Korea, his father was in WWI. My Mom was an Army medic, before getting pregnant with me and becoming a nurse in the private sector. My step dad served 25 years in the Army Reserves and my biological father was killed in Desert Storm, by disease not gunfire. (that’s all my mother was told was that he contracted an illness and died within 72 hours).

My three older brothers are in the Navy, the Corp and he Air Force. My late girlfriend (who passed away when I was 18) was the younger sister of a Marine Officer, and her father was an Officer in the Navy.

So yes, I am probably a bit biased when it comes to our men and women in uniform. Please keep in mind I do NOT take credit for any of my family member’s valor, I’m just the poor slub who failed the psych Eval.

We here on SZ and Dogs owe much to our veterans, because without them, our world would be a much worse place for us than it already is, since if Hitler had won WWII he would have enacted his plan to wipe out those who were ‘inferior’ including the mentally ill.

Not only this, but EVERYDAY hundreds if not thousands of Veterans, world wide, join the ranks of the mentally ill as they are traumatized by the horrors of war. But in all honesty, I would not want people who aren’t affected that way in the army defending my freedom, but if killing people doesn’t make you ill, then you are truly mentally disturbed and probably shouldn’t be trusted with a gun of any kind. Not even if all it shoots is chunks of potato…

So after you read this, take the time to thank your local Veterans, no matter what war they fought in, or how long ago it was. It doesn’t take much, many of them wish only to hear two simple words. “Thank you.”

If you wish to make a bigger difference in our Veterans’ Lives, make donations, not just money, but clothing, daily needs, maybe offer to watch their kids or pets while they go to an event for the evening.

And don’t forget to support out four legged Veterans too!

And remember a Veteran isn’t just a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, they include our men and women in Blue, our heroes in the big red (or yellow) trucks, and those first responders known as EMTs.

These people all sacrifice so much for our well being, and never do they ask for much. Most cops will break down in tears just to hear a child say thank you. A Firefighter will charge into a burning building for a kitten, which a lot of people will call crazy because its ‘just an animal’.

And while I NEVER promote violence, if you see someone protesting at a funeral service of any kind, but especially for a fallen Hero, kindly show them where to put their signs 😀


Author: Dremulf

J-I am Schizophrenic dog owner who wants to spread the message that Mental Illness is not a death sentence, and that animals can cure almost any ailment of the heart and soul. B-I am a farmer and dog breeder who suffers from Schizophrenia. I am a huge supporter of the military and can be a bit rough around the edges.

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