Why is Breed Specific Legislation the same as Racism?

So this is a pretty hot topic in some places.

On one side you have those who want to protect children from dangerous dogs. Well that’s fine, I have no problem what so ever with protecting people from DANGEROUS dogs. But sadly, these people target one group of dogs, and its a pretty big one too.

Bully Breeds, commonly referred to as ‘pit bulls’ ‘landsharks’ and other names.

Among the ‘bully breeds’ that BSL targets are Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull terriers, Mastiffs, Pugs, Boston Terriers….wait what? Pugs? Boston Terriers? Yup. Both Pugs and Boston Terriers trace their family lines back to the same breed as the Pit Bull. So do French Bull dogs, you know those cute little bug eyed things that look like aliens?

The problem with BSL isn’t the over all goal, its the way they are going about it. They want to protect people, I get that. But you cant protect people by:

  1. Accusing them of Beastiality (very common among these people…)
  2. Wishing their children would be ‘eaten’ by their pit bull.
  3. Stalking and harassing them both on social media and in the real world.
  4. Taking photos of kids that are NOT yours with pit bulls and posting them on ‘private’ media pages with captions like ‘Maul-cake finally eats Alphabet Tard, it was bound to happen’. (this is an actual meme, using a little girl with a mental handicap who has a service dog that is a pit bull)
  5. Calling people crazy for owning a pit bull.
  6. Promoting animal abuse because its ‘just a pit bull’
  7. Promoting Dog fighting because its the only use for a pit bull
  8. Suggesting we send pit bulls to China to be eaten.
  9. Using completely made up statistics to make your point tat pit bulls are dangerous. (one post that comes to mind, in the span of six sentences says that “47 dog bite fatalities occurred in 2014, 27 of which were pit bulls”. Three sentences later it says “of the 200 reported pit bull bite deaths in 2014”. So yeah, making shit up is not okay)
  10. and it is most assuredly NOT okay to announce on social media, with your settings on public, that you go to shelters, ‘adopt’ pit bulls, then take them to your vet, say they were being aggressive and having them put down. Then going back and adopting again. Yes, someone on the site Daxton’s Friends ADMITTED to this on Facebook. And even goes so far as to say her vet ‘agrees with the idea’. If this is true her vet needs to have their license pulled.

I understand that some of them lost family, even their children to a pit bull type dog. That is horribly sad, I feel for them. But, and here is where my title comes in, Blaming all pit bulls for a handful of attacks, is the same as blaming all Blacks for violent crime, all whites for child molestation, and all Asians for vehicular homicide. Not to mention blaming Native Americans for all Bar Fights, and Indians for you losing your job in telemarketing.

Blaming an entire group, of any species, for the actions of a small number, is RACISM. I don’t care if its dogs, cats, humans, or monkeys.

Do pit bulls show up on dog bite stats more often than other breeds? yes they do, but only because most people don’t report dog bites by small breeds. Going by sheer aggression, Chihuahuas are in the number two spot, just behind Dachshunds.

As for other breeds on the ‘top ten biters list’ German Shepherds are on there, but, the statistics include police K9 bites on criminals. Another thing about those statistics, is they also include dogs that attack home invaders and private property trespassers. Broken down Pit Bull attacks look something like this. The numbers I am going to use are not ‘real’ but are based off percentages of the number of attacks over the last four years.

say there are 100 pit bull attacks in one year (which is a huge amount, because even the worst year for pit bull attacks in the US there were only 54)

well according to the break downs I found, 24 of those would be stray dogs that were injured, 37 would dogs that were in their yard or home when a stranger entered, that’s 61% so far right?

another 18 of these dog attacks fall under the category of ‘provoked’ meaning someone antagonized the dog until it bit them. So we 79 of the 100 being pretty much being the humans fault. 11 of these dog bites are small children left ALONE with the dog in cases where the dog had previous displayed some aggression. The final ten were considered ‘unexpected or unprovoked’ These include dogs with no known history of aggression attacking a family member, and dogs under 2 years old who were supervised with children that bit the child hard enough to draw blood. (which I can tell you lots of stories about dogs of all kinds of breeds that are under 2 that drew blood while playing)

So a whopping 10% of Dog Bites that take place are unprovoked or occur when the dog gets too rough while playing.lets be generous to the BSL advocates and say only 3 of those bites were the result of rough playing tat still means that only 7 out of 100 pit bull bites were unprovoked with no warning.

Compare that to the number of shooting deaths caused by humans that are labeled unprovoked with no warning.

of 31,277 shooting deaths 1,239 were unprovoked attacks driven by religious or political view points.

Another fact I would like to point out, is that in every area where Pit Bull type dogs are banned or restricted, the number of dog bites has not gone down, in fact in about half, the number went up by as much as 60%

The key to reducing dog bite fatalities is not banning one breed, because I am sorry but if you deported every non white person in the US, crime would not go down. Not much anyway.

The key is EDUCATION about how to raise a dog, how to spot aggression before it becomes problematic, and most importantly, how to protect your family from mishaps. The majority of children killed by dogs were unsupervised, and were under the age of ten.

I’m not going to say that parents who lose a child this way are irresponsible, but I will say their childs death could have been avoided with some simple safety measures. Would you let your child play in room alone with gun? The gun itself isn’t dangerous, but if used incorrectly or tossed or thrown (or in the case of a dog, poked, pulled and prodded, possibly even kicked) it can go off, and then you have a dead kid.

Do I personally know anyone who was attacked by a dog? yes I do. Several. In fact right now as I type this I am being attacked by a 4 pound 6 week old German Shepherd puppy.

A close friend of mine was attacked by his moms boyfriends pit bull the guy used for dog fighting. You wanna know who he blames for the attack? his moms now ex boyfriend. Not the dog, not the breed.

BSL is also a lot like gun control. First they ban guns with magazines over 10 rounds, then five rounds, then they ban the gun itself. Or they make it so you have to have a special permit, then they make that permit more and more expensive, until only the elite can afford it.

Just like gun control, they will start by banning pit bull type dogs, then Shepherd type dogs, and so on until you have no dogs, or only the rich can have dogs.

Another thing Daxton’s Friends promotes, killing all dogs that get loose or are in shlters. Their reasoning is, if people risk having their dogs killed for running loose, they wont let them run loose. Well all I have to say is, if you can shoot my dog for getting loose by accident I can shoot your kid for breaking my window, or spray painting my house, or crossing the street without the light.

Doesn’t sound so great when you bring kids into it does it?


Author: Dremulf

J-I am Schizophrenic dog owner who wants to spread the message that Mental Illness is not a death sentence, and that animals can cure almost any ailment of the heart and soul. B-I am a farmer and dog breeder who suffers from Schizophrenia. I am a huge supporter of the military and can be a bit rough around the edges.

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