RACISM, And why it affects EVERYONE

J here, this is a bit off topic, well a lot, but it needs to be addressed.

Yesterday I was informed that I would NOT be getting the academic scholarship I had applied for to get into a local college. The reason? They had a late entry applicant who had a ‘greater need’.

Now you have to understand, my GPA (admittedly I went to adult ed but I still have a GPA) was 4.4 Considering an A average is 4.0 that’s pretty damn good!

The person who is getting my ACADEMIC Scholarship by the school’s own admission has a GPA of 2.4. Since the college actually requires a GPA of 3.5 to get admission in the first place, I’m was not sure what to think. So I figured it was a special needs person. I was VERY wrong. I asked to meet this person, if they agreed, so I could wish them luck.

The person who walked into that meeting room was not special needs. He admitted to not really caring about going to college but his mom insisted. Said he only ever did the classes he liked in high school.  He didn’t fill out the scholarship app on time because he was ‘too busy playing COD’ and forgot.

So I am losing my scholarship to a guy who doesn’t even care about getting the education. So I asked him ‘why this scholarship?’ “All the African Heritage Scholarships were taken.”

Yup, he’s black. He fully admitted to me that when his mom found out he didn’t qualify for any scholarships, she threatened to sue six colleges for discrimination, and my college is the one that folded.

Now I will be the first to admit that too many white people think of blacks as stupid, criminalistics, and violent. Its not true, I know that. But black people have their own racist (and it is racist) views of whites. Like the idea being spread by black activists that White men are more likely to be sex offenders. They base this ‘fact’ on the statistics for incarceration. Yes there are more white men in jail for sex crimes than black men. But it isn’t disproportionate. if you have 200 people and 50 are black the rest white, and you have 30 white sex offenders and 10 black sex offenders, you actually have the same percentage of sex offenders, but at first glance it looks like there are more white offenders.

The fact of that equation is 1/5 of each race will be a sex offender. and 1/5 of 150 is a bigger over all number than 1/5 of 50.

But my problem isn’t a criminal one, its the fact I lost a scholarship that I worked my butt off for, because someone threatned to sue for racial discrimination.


Is that how black people want to be known? Do what I want, give me what I want or I will sue you?

Is ruining someone financially really different in these modern times to beating someone for not giving you what you want? Whats that different (beside the physical violence) Between attacking someone who is different from you, and suing them for not being extra nice to you because you are different from them?

If a black person was passed over for a scholarship they had EARNED because a white person threatened to sue the school over how they deserved it more, it would be a media shit storm!

I get it, 20 years whites were 80% of the college population. But has anyone citing the gap between whites and minorities on campus looked at recent numbers? in 2014 only 21% of students enrolled in higher education (college/University/Tech.Schools) were white males. Further breaking it down by Race, Gender and Economic standing, only 8% of campus students were white males with a family income under 80K annual.

Wouldn’t that mean that poor white males are now the underrepresented on campus? It has actually gotten so bad that some schools of higher learning are facing Federal Sanctions because their ‘diversity’ is a joke. One school Mississippi had 3000 black students, and less than 200 white ones, with no Hispanics and no Asians. Another school in California had an ethnic break down of 58% Black 20% Hispanic 20% Asian and only 2% white.

Yet the students at these schools are insisting that white people are getting preference at enrollment there!

Maybe this rant is because I am angry about losing my scholarship. But really can anyone with common sense blame me? If anyone who disagrees posts a comment, don’t be afraid, I wont delete the comment, I will gladly let your opinion be known. But if your argument is “Well white people owned slaves so its only fair.” I’m sorry you are mistaken. My ancestors fought to free the slaves, and NONE of them owned any.

If people want to blame me for what white people I have no relation to did over a hundred years before I was born, then I should be allowed to blame black people for the murder of my great grandfathers sister which happened in the 30s. She was 22 and was a teacher at a black school in Boston. She was stabbed by a students father after his son failed a class for attendance issues. You know the fact the kid would show up for his morning classes, skip her class, and then attend the afternoon classes. All because she was a white woman and. Emphasize both those words please. This boy did not respect her because she was WHITE and a WOMAN.

Has anyone else been passed up for something because of their race, I don’t care what race you are, I will gladly approve your comment.


Author: Dremulf

J-I am Schizophrenic dog owner who wants to spread the message that Mental Illness is not a death sentence, and that animals can cure almost any ailment of the heart and soul. B-I am a farmer and dog breeder who suffers from Schizophrenia. I am a huge supporter of the military and can be a bit rough around the edges.

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