Media Bias: The Fear of Bad Press

Yo, B here, got a bit of gripe, but its got a large number of factors to it.


Bias in the Media. And no I don’t just mean Fox News their ultra conservative bull crap, which is indeed pretty bad.

I am talking about how certain things are so taboo in media now, that it interferes with the whole ‘Free and Unbiased Media’ thing. If a Black person attacks a white person, for no reason or for a very bad one, it seems to only get a few minutes in the media.

I feel for the victims of the Orlando Shooting, but has anyone really noticed how the focus of the media isn’t the ‘Extremist Muslim Terrorist’ Aspect but the ‘Assault type rifle’ Aspect.

I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment. Big time. But that doesn’t mean I am unreasonable about CONTROL. But there is a huge difference between CONTROLLING guns and gun sales and BANNING guns and gun sales.

Should there have been some kind of failsafe in place to prevent the shooter from getting the guns? Yes. My opinion? If you are investigated for Terrorism or any other violent crime, even if nothing is found at the time, you should be prohibited from buying any kind of firearm or ammunition for say six months.

But everyone is screaming for guns to be banned based on their looks or abilities.

And ‘assault type’ rifle? No civilian can own one in the US. Because a true Assault type weapon fires in three round burst or full automatic. Which by Federal law, a civilian firearm CANNOT fire more than one round per pull of the trigger.

The type of firearm Hillary Clinton talks about banning? Is SEMI automatic, which means any firearm that does not require a physical action by the user to reload. So all firearms used by police, any hand gun that isn’t a single action revolver or flint lock type pistol, and technically includes the pump action shot gun.

My concern is, when it comes to banning things, it starts like this. First they make it so you cant get one type of that thng, then they slowly remove all the other types.

As Adolf Hitler once said. “The best way over take a nation is to first disarm it.”

But as far as media bias goes? If you report on the darkside of Abortion? you are anti women. Report on a black on white crime? Racist. Report on a Shooting without blaiming the gun? Just as bad as the murderer. And God forbid you should report on a recent immigrant or refugee who has committed an atrocity!

Not being racist I swear, I’m half Native American, my ancestors were pretty well screwed over by white people, but it seems that unless the bad guy is Male, white, or a gun, or some combo of the three, you are anti American if you report it.

I’d like to point out the horrible factor of this, and its not just the US it seems to be worldwide. In the United States, a 12 year old boy pointed a toy gun he had altered to look real. So many people say “He wasn’t pointing it at them” but please, watch the video from the police Cruisers dash cam, not the video uploaded to youtube that has several points where it is obvious they cut or altered the video.

The kid was black, the cops were white. MEDIA SHIT STORM.

South Africa. A white family, not a british colonial white family, a NATIVE white family, as in the only ‘pale skinned’ humans who aren’t Caucasian or some kind of light skinned latino. Naturally white Africans, were forced out of their home, that their family had owned for several hundred years. When they attempted to appeal to the government, the Father was executed, the mother SOLD INTO SLAVERY and the son and daughter, both younger than eight, or thrown off a boat into shark infested waters and left there. No one has seen them since. The only ONLY report on this was by a person who witnessed it.

The whole reason they were kicked out and killed? The South African Government determined that ‘White Lands’ would be returned to ‘Black Hands’. It did not matter to them that there were white natives.

Google it I dare you! If you find anything, I will shocked if its on something other than a small blog or maybe a local SA news paper.

I’m not saying that white people do no wrong ,shit EVERY ONE has done something bad in their life by the time they are 20.

I am all for equality, but, that means the SAME rights, not special rights. You cant demand EQUALITY while also demanding that you given a free pass or something. No one gets a free pass.

I’m not taking about Welfare, that’s a topic that’s sensitive to me, because I’ve been on some form of State or Federal Aid a number of times in my life. Just long enough to get my feet back under me. I didn’t make a career out of it. And contrary to conservative belief, its not all black people doing that, nor is it white ‘druggies’ as discovered when, two years ago, they made drug tests mandatory for welfare recipients, and less than 1% tested positive for ANY drug including alcohol. And since the tests were random, you cant say they just stayed off drugs long enough to pass.

People of all races abuse the system. And not just races, but genders and sexual orientation groups as well! A woman doesn’t get the job, but a man does. Doesn’t matter if the guy was better qualified for the job, or made a better impression on the interviewer, she automatically sues for gender discrimination. A gay man or lesbian is refused housing, but a straight person gets it, even if the reason was because of their housing record (landlords communicate you know!) the sue for discrimination. And as posted on this blog already, If a black man doesn’t get a scholarship, he sues to get one from a  person who was better qualified than him.

Lets reverse the roles here. A straight, white, man is denied a job, an apartment, and a scholarship he worked hard for. He lost these things to people who, one had no experience compared to his ten years plus, two had never had a single problem with previous rental agreements compared to their multiple lawsuits about leaving their previous apartments in condition that actually required THOUSANDS in repairs, and three Never scored higher than a C in their entire high school career compared to his 4.4 GPA.

Between me and J, we have experienced ALL of these things. I was denied a job, the guy who interviewed me called and told me that they had hired someone else because the company was afraid of litigation if they didn’t hire them, despite the fact they had half the qualifications I had.

J was refused a Government subsidized  apartment because he made too much money. How id he make too much money? he is disabled, only gets 500 a month in SSDI benefits, and had no other assets. Compare that to one of the people living in the complex, who owned TWO BMWs, and a pair of jet skis. No idea their race, but these things were parked in the same apartment lot. (as in the lot used by a single apartment)

If me or J tried to sue for discrimination, you think it would even go to court? Nope. The Supreme court has issued an official statement on this.

“None minority groups, cannot file for discrimination unless they can provide evidence of a direct violation.”

Their meaning of direct evidence? you have to get them on video and audio SAYING that they refused you for your race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. So if they didn’t hire you because you are straight you have to get them to say on camera, “We don’t hire straight people.”

And the media doesn’t cover it.

A bunch of women complain that guys who work in the same building, who have degrees and years of experience more than them are paid more, the media screams for blood.

A white woman embezzles money and takes bribes while working for the VA, not only that but makes it so hard for Veterans to get the services they were promised, that hundreds of them DIE of simple, easy to fix problems. Yet she not only is sympathized with, but now she may be getting her job back!

Lets not forget that the media has failed to mention that the average wait period for a Veteran in need of a heart surgery or pace maker implant is 2-5 years. YEARS. not weeks, not months, YEARS.

In one case a Marine need of of a heart surgery to repair damage done while he was overseas was told he needed the surgery within 6  months if you want to live. His appoint for the surgery was rescheduled ELEVEN TIMES, he ended up waiting almost TWO YEARS, by the time they got him in the defect had become so severe, he had to be put on the organ transplant list. He passed away last year from his heart problems. at the age 33.

But if a Refugee has to wait more than ten minutes in a crowded ER, even if they only have a chest cold and they have people coming in from a major multi car pile up on some interstate, oh boy! those doctors and nurses are SOOO RACIST!!!


Author: Dremulf

J-I am Schizophrenic dog owner who wants to spread the message that Mental Illness is not a death sentence, and that animals can cure almost any ailment of the heart and soul. B-I am a farmer and dog breeder who suffers from Schizophrenia. I am a huge supporter of the military and can be a bit rough around the edges.

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