Why is Breed Specific Legislation the same as Racism?

So this is a pretty hot topic in some places.

On one side you have those who want to protect children from dangerous dogs. Well that’s fine, I have no problem what so ever with protecting people from DANGEROUS dogs. But sadly, these people target one group of dogs, and its a pretty big one too.

Bully Breeds, commonly referred to as ‘pit bulls’ ‘landsharks’ and other names.

Among the ‘bully breeds’ that BSL targets are Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull terriers, Mastiffs, Pugs, Boston Terriers….wait what? Pugs? Boston Terriers? Yup. Both Pugs and Boston Terriers trace their family lines back to the same breed as the Pit Bull. So do French Bull dogs, you know those cute little bug eyed things that look like aliens?

The problem with BSL isn’t the over all goal, its the way they are going about it. They want to protect people, I get that. But you cant protect people by:

  1. Accusing them of Beastiality (very common among these people…)
  2. Wishing their children would be ‘eaten’ by their pit bull.
  3. Stalking and harassing them both on social media and in the real world.
  4. Taking photos of kids that are NOT yours with pit bulls and posting them on ‘private’ media pages with captions like ‘Maul-cake finally eats Alphabet Tard, it was bound to happen’. (this is an actual meme, using a little girl with a mental handicap who has a service dog that is a pit bull)
  5. Calling people crazy for owning a pit bull.
  6. Promoting animal abuse because its ‘just a pit bull’
  7. Promoting Dog fighting because its the only use for a pit bull
  8. Suggesting we send pit bulls to China to be eaten.
  9. Using completely made up statistics to make your point tat pit bulls are dangerous. (one post that comes to mind, in the span of six sentences says that “47 dog bite fatalities occurred in 2014, 27 of which were pit bulls”. Three sentences later it says “of the 200 reported pit bull bite deaths in 2014”. So yeah, making shit up is not okay)
  10. and it is most assuredly NOT okay to announce on social media, with your settings on public, that you go to shelters, ‘adopt’ pit bulls, then take them to your vet, say they were being aggressive and having them put down. Then going back and adopting again. Yes, someone on the site Daxton’s Friends ADMITTED to this on Facebook. And even goes so far as to say her vet ‘agrees with the idea’. If this is true her vet needs to have their license pulled.

I understand that some of them lost family, even their children to a pit bull type dog. That is horribly sad, I feel for them. But, and here is where my title comes in, Blaming all pit bulls for a handful of attacks, is the same as blaming all Blacks for violent crime, all whites for child molestation, and all Asians for vehicular homicide. Not to mention blaming Native Americans for all Bar Fights, and Indians for you losing your job in telemarketing.

Blaming an entire group, of any species, for the actions of a small number, is RACISM. I don’t care if its dogs, cats, humans, or monkeys.

Do pit bulls show up on dog bite stats more often than other breeds? yes they do, but only because most people don’t report dog bites by small breeds. Going by sheer aggression, Chihuahuas are in the number two spot, just behind Dachshunds.

As for other breeds on the ‘top ten biters list’ German Shepherds are on there, but, the statistics include police K9 bites on criminals. Another thing about those statistics, is they also include dogs that attack home invaders and private property trespassers. Broken down Pit Bull attacks look something like this. The numbers I am going to use are not ‘real’ but are based off percentages of the number of attacks over the last four years.

say there are 100 pit bull attacks in one year (which is a huge amount, because even the worst year for pit bull attacks in the US there were only 54)

well according to the break downs I found, 24 of those would be stray dogs that were injured, 37 would dogs that were in their yard or home when a stranger entered, that’s 61% so far right?

another 18 of these dog attacks fall under the category of ‘provoked’ meaning someone antagonized the dog until it bit them. So we 79 of the 100 being pretty much being the humans fault. 11 of these dog bites are small children left ALONE with the dog in cases where the dog had previous displayed some aggression. The final ten were considered ‘unexpected or unprovoked’ These include dogs with no known history of aggression attacking a family member, and dogs under 2 years old who were supervised with children that bit the child hard enough to draw blood. (which I can tell you lots of stories about dogs of all kinds of breeds that are under 2 that drew blood while playing)

So a whopping 10% of Dog Bites that take place are unprovoked or occur when the dog gets too rough while playing.lets be generous to the BSL advocates and say only 3 of those bites were the result of rough playing tat still means that only 7 out of 100 pit bull bites were unprovoked with no warning.

Compare that to the number of shooting deaths caused by humans that are labeled unprovoked with no warning.

of 31,277 shooting deaths 1,239 were unprovoked attacks driven by religious or political view points.

Another fact I would like to point out, is that in every area where Pit Bull type dogs are banned or restricted, the number of dog bites has not gone down, in fact in about half, the number went up by as much as 60%

The key to reducing dog bite fatalities is not banning one breed, because I am sorry but if you deported every non white person in the US, crime would not go down. Not much anyway.

The key is EDUCATION about how to raise a dog, how to spot aggression before it becomes problematic, and most importantly, how to protect your family from mishaps. The majority of children killed by dogs were unsupervised, and were under the age of ten.

I’m not going to say that parents who lose a child this way are irresponsible, but I will say their childs death could have been avoided with some simple safety measures. Would you let your child play in room alone with gun? The gun itself isn’t dangerous, but if used incorrectly or tossed or thrown (or in the case of a dog, poked, pulled and prodded, possibly even kicked) it can go off, and then you have a dead kid.

Do I personally know anyone who was attacked by a dog? yes I do. Several. In fact right now as I type this I am being attacked by a 4 pound 6 week old German Shepherd puppy.

A close friend of mine was attacked by his moms boyfriends pit bull the guy used for dog fighting. You wanna know who he blames for the attack? his moms now ex boyfriend. Not the dog, not the breed.

BSL is also a lot like gun control. First they ban guns with magazines over 10 rounds, then five rounds, then they ban the gun itself. Or they make it so you have to have a special permit, then they make that permit more and more expensive, until only the elite can afford it.

Just like gun control, they will start by banning pit bull type dogs, then Shepherd type dogs, and so on until you have no dogs, or only the rich can have dogs.

Another thing Daxton’s Friends promotes, killing all dogs that get loose or are in shlters. Their reasoning is, if people risk having their dogs killed for running loose, they wont let them run loose. Well all I have to say is, if you can shoot my dog for getting loose by accident I can shoot your kid for breaking my window, or spray painting my house, or crossing the street without the light.

Doesn’t sound so great when you bring kids into it does it?


A Letter to the Millenial

Yes I am one, but me? I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, God didn’t I hate it there, all the people from the city who came to enjoy nature, you know those idiots who have do idea what a turn signal is, or how to follow the speed limits set in place. I know now why so many other New Englanders (I’m looking specifically at my co blogger J, who originally made this blog) call us Mass Holes. So here a letter to my fellow 20 somethings.


Dear Millennial,

Get off your lazy ass and get a goddam job! Yeah I know the job market sucks. No I don’t care if you went to college and are looking for better work that fits your degree. If you aren’t making money, you are a burden on someone else. I’m pretty sure that your parents, provided they don’t have any other children that are under 18, fully planned on doing something other than supporting your self righteous ass after you got out of school.

“Oh but, I have special knowledge, I’m not like those loser who work flipping burgers.” Who gives a rats ass? I went to college for six years, you wanna know what I do for a living? I run my brother’s farm while he is OVERSEAS protecting your pathetic ass so you can live another day without having to work! I spend my days shoveling shit, collecting shit for the vet to test, wallowing through shit to get to an animal that is too stupid to not get stuck in the middle of the manure pile behind the barn.

I have a masters degree in Medicine, I SHOULD be working in a hospital as a nurse. I SHOULD be making 60K a year SAVING LIVES like I set out to in my freshman year of highschool.

I gotta admit though, being able to breed dogs is pretty fun, and seeing all those baby goats and calves every year is heart warming. But really you know what farming is? Back breaking labor, EVERYDAY surrounded by SHIT.

So if I can shovel animal dropping s all day long, I’m pretty sure you can flip some burgers, or clean some toilets. Not a big deal, at least then you are making SOME kind of income. It may not be much, but it will help your poor parents with the bills you wrack up and the food you eat.

And don’t even think about saying how you are ‘better’ than anyone because you have ‘awards’ from school. Guess what? a ‘participation’ award just means you got off your ass and got involved. Hell my little brother got one of those for raising his hand at a math bee. He got the question wrong too!

I am not really what you might call a Christian, but I like how they do things for the most part. They set some rules in place, and if you break them? BAM you burn for eternity. But my point is the bible states quite clearly “All man was created equal” So if that 60 something veteran can spend a few hours greeting people at Walmart for minimum wage, you can sure as hell fold shirts.

Now I’m not saying give up on your dreams. No one should do that. But do you think the homeless Vietnam Veterans dreamed of living in a card board box, begging for food, suffering from a mental illness caused by the shit they saw? I don’t think so.

You think my co blogger J’s mom dreamed of dropping out of high school to raise her nephew because his dad was a useless dead beat? Probably not, in fact from what J tells me his mom may have wanted to do one of two things. Be a nurse (like my mom) or be a writer. Instead the poor woman ended up getting a GED, and spending her life supporting her family with dead end jobs. At one point she was supporting her kids and her husband with TWO jobs. The fact the lady isn’t dead is a true testament to a woman’s strength.

Chase your dreams, but remember, you cant buy that deal making suit for your Wall Street dream job without money.


A fellow Millennial

P.S Cut your goddam hair you friggin Hippies!

Supporting Veterans Supports Peace

Seems rather oxymoronish yes? Not really. Veterans put their lives on the line, in countries all over the world (and maybe even on others!) to protect not only the people they love, But the people who share their love of life.

The US Veterans get a LOT of negative publicity. Sure some, a very select few, have done some pretty bad things, I’m not going to support the ones who beat and defecated on bound prisoners, just no.

But I will support the ones who risk life limb and mental well being, to keep me and my loved one safe from ‘all who wish them harm’. Maybe I am a bit biased, my whole family, barring myself, have been military. My grandfather was an officer in Korea, his father was in WWI. My Mom was an Army medic, before getting pregnant with me and becoming a nurse in the private sector. My step dad served 25 years in the Army Reserves and my biological father was killed in Desert Storm, by disease not gunfire. (that’s all my mother was told was that he contracted an illness and died within 72 hours).

My three older brothers are in the Navy, the Corp and he Air Force. My late girlfriend (who passed away when I was 18) was the younger sister of a Marine Officer, and her father was an Officer in the Navy.

So yes, I am probably a bit biased when it comes to our men and women in uniform. Please keep in mind I do NOT take credit for any of my family member’s valor, I’m just the poor slub who failed the psych Eval.

We here on SZ and Dogs owe much to our veterans, because without them, our world would be a much worse place for us than it already is, since if Hitler had won WWII he would have enacted his plan to wipe out those who were ‘inferior’ including the mentally ill.

Not only this, but EVERYDAY hundreds if not thousands of Veterans, world wide, join the ranks of the mentally ill as they are traumatized by the horrors of war. But in all honesty, I would not want people who aren’t affected that way in the army defending my freedom, but if killing people doesn’t make you ill, then you are truly mentally disturbed and probably shouldn’t be trusted with a gun of any kind. Not even if all it shoots is chunks of potato…

So after you read this, take the time to thank your local Veterans, no matter what war they fought in, or how long ago it was. It doesn’t take much, many of them wish only to hear two simple words. “Thank you.”

If you wish to make a bigger difference in our Veterans’ Lives, make donations, not just money, but clothing, daily needs, maybe offer to watch their kids or pets while they go to an event for the evening.

And don’t forget to support out four legged Veterans too!

And remember a Veteran isn’t just a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine, they include our men and women in Blue, our heroes in the big red (or yellow) trucks, and those first responders known as EMTs.

These people all sacrifice so much for our well being, and never do they ask for much. Most cops will break down in tears just to hear a child say thank you. A Firefighter will charge into a burning building for a kitten, which a lot of people will call crazy because its ‘just an animal’.

And while I NEVER promote violence, if you see someone protesting at a funeral service of any kind, but especially for a fallen Hero, kindly show them where to put their signs 😀

What to do when faced with an agressive dog

It does happen, I wont say it doesn’t, because that would be like saying that police brutality and Black on white crime don’t occur. They do, its fact, and no amount of denial will change these facts.

So lets say you find yourself faced with a dog that is obviously intent on causing you harm. First thing is DO NOT TRY TO RUN!

Even a slower dog can easily outrun a human.


This is how dogs challenge each other’s dominance, so looking an already aggressive dog in the eye is like calling a drunk with a gun a hamster dicked moron. (been there, though it was a knife not a gun…will never do it again)


Do not turn away from the dog. This will trigger the attack instinct. Wolves in the wild take their prey from behind, hamstringing it so it cannot flee. So back way while watching the dog.


Your arm is much less important than your neck or stomach. If the dog does attack, try to get it to latch onto your forearm. Yes it will hurt, but it could be the difference between life and death.

Finally, if the dog has latched onto your arm, use your free arm to hold the dogs body back, keep it from getting leverage. If the dog is able to get its feet closer to you, it can do more damage.


Of course, as always the best way to deal with a dog attack is to avoid it altogether.

To do so, make sure to avoid areas with little light and few people, dogs that are running loose are a lot less likely to go into crowded areas.

Bring pepper spray or ‘mace’ if it is legal to do so. DO NOT use bear type spray on a dog, yes it works, but you don’t know why the dog is attacking, and Bear Mace will BLIND the dog permanently. And wouldn’t you feel like shit if the dog attacked you because it was defending its puppies and you made it go blind?

There are also whistles you can buy that will drive away dogs. If you live in an area with a lot of loose or stray dogs, it would be wise to invest in one.

Of course the biggest way to get a dog to attack you is to approach it when it doesn’t know you or is injured.

Contrary to popular belief, roughly 71-87% of dog bites occur when the dog is afraid or injured. This is referred to by dog trainers, rescuers and breeders as ‘Fear Aggression’. If you see an injured animal of ANY kind follow these three rules.


Any animal injured can be dangerous, but especially dogs, because people do not expect them to attack when they need help. Yes dogs are man’s best friend, but they are still animals that are ruled by mostly instinct, and the instinct that kicks in when a dog is injured is the same instinct that kicks in when you wake up daze, confused and in pain with someone looming over you. DONT DO IT!

If you a see dog that seems afraid, and there is imminent risk to its life and there is no time to call a professional, try to lure the dog away from the danger with food, however do not get closer than say 10 feet. If the dog moves away from you, towards the danger, back away and call for help anyway.  NEVER CHASE A DOG, THEY WILL ONLY RUN FURTHER AND FASTER.

If you want to learn more about how to help injured or loose animals, contact your local Animal Advocates, they can usually direct you to classes and programs.

What Dog should you get?

Ah the biggest question that any responsible would be dog owner asks, MONTHS before they get their dog.

And the answer is just as important as the question itself. However, to answer that question there are others questions that must be asked first. (confusing? Sorry)

  1. Living arrangements: Do you own your home or rent?
    1. If you own, do you own a condo? a Suburban home? a Farm? Or maybe you own an urban dwelling like a NY Brownstone? These are things you must take into consideration when getting a dog
    2. If you rent, do you have landlord permission for a dog IN WRITING? If yes, what kind of living space do you rent? An apartment?  A Condo? A house? or maybe you rent a lot and park your trailer there? (and there is NOTHING wrong with that!)
  2. Do you have kids? If so how old are they? How many of them? Are they high or low energy? These are VERY important when choosing your dog! The wrong dog around kids can result in tragedy for both human and animal.
  3. How much money do you make per year? Per month? Dogs are not cheap if you take proper care of them. Vet bills can run a  hefty level depending on where you live. In some states a vet may only charge $50 for a spay or neuter. Other states, like where I live, a regular vet might charge over $200 for the same surgery. And its not just Vet bills you need to worry about. There are Registration fees (usually around $5-$10) and grooming if you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.
  4. How much time do you have per day to care for this dog? Think carefully on this. Dogs are almost completely dependent on their humans for basic needs. How would you feel if you were locked home all day, for 9-12 hours, then yelled at for messing in the house? On the subject of housebreaking, it takes a lot of effort and time to properly train a puppy to use the outdoors. Patience is key here.
  5. Are you an active person? or do you prefer to sit at home watching YouTube and Anime? Do you go on long car trips or vacations? These are also important.


Now then, lets say you answered these questions as such.

You own your home, you live in a small suburb with a decent sized back yard, you have two kids, one 5 years old, the other 11. You make a tidy sum of 65K a year, Vet bills in your area are not high, but not cheap either, you work from home while your spouse works a day job in the city so you have lots of time to be with the dog. You are a reasonably active person, you jog a few miles every morning after the kids go to school, but for most of the day you are in your office handling w/e. Your family goes on a road trip vacation every summer, usually to a nation park.

There are several dog breeds that would fit this life style. The most popular is the Labrador Retriever. Well known for their high activity, but with the ability to chill out most of the day. They are generally good with kids, but still require supervision in case they get to playing a little too rough. Labs typically ride well, are easy to train, and require fairly little grooming. They are prone to some health problems, like skin cancer, hip dysplasia, and some intestinal woes as well, but most of these can be avoided with proper diet and exercise, and in the case of the skin cancer, regular check ups with the vet, as well as watching for any strange lumps or formations on the dog’s skin.

Another popular breed for this life style is the Golden Retriever. Many of the same behaviors, with different healthy problems. Goldens do require a bit more grooming because of their long hair (it is hair not fur) but it can be managed with a daily brushing.

A less obvious choice would be the German Shepherd, the Belgian Mal, or even the Staffordshire Terrier. Each has their own downfalls, but all are excellent family pets if raised properly and from stable lines. A GSD (German Shepherd Dog) is incredibly smart, goal oriented, and fiercely loyal to its pack. Same with the Belgian. However both breeds, if not properly socialized as pups, can be stranger aggressive. Alternatively, every now and then you get a Little Brother, my own German Shepherd/Husky mix who is and always has been so friendly he will let a stranger hook him to  a leash and walk away with him. I actually had to put a padlock on my dog yard for this reason.

Now with the Staffy I am sure you are wondering WHAT I am thinking, suggesting a pit bull type dog to a family with small children. Well heres the thing. Dogs are only as dangerous as they learn to be. Yes genetics play some part in their natural levels of aggression, but would you accuse a young boy of being  amurder just because his father killed someone? No you wouldn’t.

Staffys are an incredible dog, they are loyal, smart, and actually score better behavior wise than the popular poodles and Labrador retrievers! A true Staffy can indeed be just as dangerous as any other dog, which is why you should never leave a smile alone with ANY Animal. Not a dog, not a cat, not even a hamster. You know how many hamsters get rehomed for biting a child that squeezed them too hard? one estimate says that roughly 75% of hamsters bought for children either die or get rehomed within two months, because the child unintentionally harmed the animal.

A Pit bull can harm your child badly, but so can a Lab. Hell, believe it or not, if you get a Chihuahua, you increase your chances of being bitten by a dog by 300%. Compared to getting a pit bull where your chances go up by 120%.

A pit bull is an active dog, with the ability to settle down for long days of doing nothing. They will play with your kids and protect them. But don’t let them get bored. Bully breed, Shepherds (of any kind) and other ‘working line’ dogs get destructive when bored. But this is easily solved with good exercise and mentally stimulating toys, preferably ones that dispense a treat on occasion to keep their interest.

Now I am not saying all active dog will destroy your house, but they are more likely to if not entertained. However, when it comes to sheer destructive tendency, avoid the Rat or Jack Russell terrier. They are TERRORS! To get such a dog, you need to VERY active, you need to work on training EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY! I had a Rat terrier once, named Mouse, I rehomed her after 3 months, during which time she destroyed $3,400 worth of electronics, prescription glasses, and collectable plushies (including one given to me by a WWII veteran when I was four and attending a Veterans Day parade with my Korean War Veteran Grandfather).

My point is, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! ASK QUESTIONS! A breeder is not going to think of you as stupid if you ask about the breed, they should actually think higher of you for being so thoughtful.

One breed to avoid, and this isn’t really a breed, and most states require a special permit anyway, is the Wolf Hybrid. Yes they are beautiful animals, but Wolves are not Dogs, even if genetically they are the same. A wolf’s prey drive is many times higher than a dog’s. There is a reason you hear these tragic stories of kids being killed by wolf dog pets. While a Wolf dog CAN be a good pet if raised properly, the vast majority of people don’t know how to raise them. If you had never raised a human baby, would you try to do so without looking up any info on how to do it? Would you try to grow a poisonous plant without having some idea of how to avoid having it kill you? No you wouldn’t, but everyday hundreds of people get a wolf dog because its ‘cool’ or ‘wild’. Guess what, smoking was cool, and to some still is, and now we know its kills you! You know what else was once thought of as cool? Death matches, people literally fighting until one or the other dies.

The reason I say to avoid Wolf Dogs is not because bad dogs, its because they aren’t really dogs. Look what happens when people raise baby chimps like children? Some poor women gets her eyes ripped because she got a hair cut. Wild animals are not pets. Can you have one in your home. Sure, lots of people get wild animals as pets, but the ones who do it successfully are the ones who learn what it takes first. Go on youtube, look up Pet Raccoon damage. Go ahead. Do it……Pretty bad huh? Now imagine paying for all that drywall. Oh and don’t piss off your new pet Bandito, because their bite can put their teeth through leather and even Kevlar. I’ve seen a raccoon chew its way out of a metal wire dog crate before. And don’t get me started on those people who think its a good idea to take in a baby fox. Are they cute? Oh yes. But they dig into furniture, they kill smalls pets including cats and dogs, and they smell HORRIBLE. Oh and don’t forget, once mating season comes around? males and females alike make sounds like tortured babies screaming into the night.

So no, wild animals are not pets.

Why do some dogs bite?

This is a question, asked by many, answered with just as many different facts, myths, and wives tales.

Most famously you have the ‘Bully Breeds’, including the Bull Dog (French and English as well as some others) the American Staffordshire Terrier (most commonly referred to as the Pit Bull) and even the mighty Mastiff.

These dogs are subject to many myths and ‘fairytales’. My personal favorite lie told about these mostly lovable dogs? That they were bred to fight and kill each other and people. The original ‘Pit Bull’ was actually bred for hunting Bears. Over the years, as is common with many hunting breeds, they were brought into the home, with children and other pets. They were well known for protecting their families, even if it cost them their lives.

This is where the title of Nanny Dog comes from. Now you will see people claimng this is a big story told by the ‘Pit Bull advocates’ which some people like to call nutters. But this is a documented occurrence. Fun fact? Nana  in Peter Pan was originally a Pit Bull in the book.

Now a lot of people think its all about genetics. And here on SZ and Dogs, we acknowledge that genetics play a big part in how we as humans develop, however Nurture has just as much if not more to do with who we are, and this holds true with our fourlegged, furry, feathered friends as well. (and smooth skinned, because dolphins and whales are also higher beings)

I have had the great opportunity to both rescue and breed dogs. I have seen dogs that, if a human had been through what they had, would be mad with fear and rage, yet the dog wants nothing but to cuddle and be loved.

A good example is Teddy, a former Bait dog, he is believed to be a Hound/Lab (I apologize, I misspoke to Brian when he asked about Teddy, I was under the impression he was a staffy mix). His jaw was broken so he couldn’t fight back, he was stabbed and shot, then left for dead somewhere. Yet he plays with other dogs, and spends most of his days cuddling with his new dad. He is not only good with big dogs, but puppies and kittens as well.

Now compare that to humans who get insulted by their sexual partner about their penis and decided it is acceptable to bludgeon them to death with a lamp.

See what I mean? I know I only mentioned Nature and Nurture earlier, but there is one other aspect, one that is not scientifically measurable, yet it affects ever day life for most of the human population.

I am talking about Soul. That inner force that makes us, us. That gives us life, and gives us hope. Some people will say dogs don’t have one, I beg to differ. I have seen a lot more Soul in one dog than I have in any 50 people you will find in a political office or a wall street building.

I will break it down for you.

Nature: It provides the foundation, a foundation can be made of many things, bricks, field stones, concrete, or even just baked clay or dirt. Without this foundation, you have nothing to build on.

Nurture: This is the frame work, the skeleton that is built as we grow. Without this framework, we will fall apart, collapse in upon ourselves.

Soul: This the blue print, the design. Go ahead, build your house without a design planned. It is possible, but very difficult. Without these blueprints, your house will have windows in weird places, doors that don’t go anywhere, and, most likely, everything will tilt to one side.

Without these three components, you cant build a house, or a living creature.

The mark of a good foundation in a house is the building stays level, and doesn’t sway all over. In a person or dog, this foundation is marked by a level study temperament at a young age, before our Frame is able to go up.

A good frame in a house is marked by all your windows and doors being level and uniform in size and shape. In a person or animals, it is marked by good behavior, and obedience.

And a good blue print goes a long way. Because with a good blue print, you can build a mansion on a pile of dirt that will last for decades. But with a bad blueprint, you could build a Bunker on a concrete foundation that will collapse without notice.

So why do some dogs bite? Well its a combination of things and there really is no one reason. Some dogs are built on a bad foundation, with poor planning and little frame work. Some dogs are the opposite and it is a response to outside interference (like some idiot poking a dog in the face with a stick)

One thing to keep in mind is that BREED has very little to do with what dog will bite. And going by the ‘stats’ listed online, you will not get the whole story, since those statistic are based on REPORTED dog bites. When you factor in known aggression, a Chihuahua, yes the cute little taco dog, is the number one biter among dogs. In fact small breed dogs are so much more likely to bite, that many responsible breeders will not sell to households with children.

But really, if you were bitten by a 4 pound rat with a furry tail, would you want to report to the local news station about your horrifying experience? Probably not, and neither do the majority of people bitten by small dogs, because its embarrassing or ‘not a big deal’. ANY dog bite is a huge deal, despite popular myth a dogs mouth is NOT cleaner than a humans, it just has different kinds of bacteria in it.

To date the only two dogs never associated with a human fatality by bite, are the Beagle, and the Basset Hound. So if you wanna make sure you don’t get bitten to death, get one of those…you know, if you can handle the baying and barking and howling, the chasing of every scent and creature that it comes across, and the incessant need for constant attention.


For information on what dog would best suit your family, please contact a local Dog Trainer or Shelter Advocate. These people can actually give you a huge amount of information on what breeds fit what lifestyle.

One quick note, if you DO decided on a bully breed, make sure you have the time and energy to train them, while eager to please, some bully breeds can be stubborn.

And never NEVER leave a small child alone with a dog of any breed! All it takes is one momentary lapse in judgement on your child’s part (and at that age, they don’t know any better) and the dog may react, badly. A good case to point out is the little girl in Arkansas back in 2012, her mother left her alone with their 4 year Dachshund  and, while no one is sure what triggered it, the dog bit the girl in the face bad enough she needed reconstructive surgery. On the note of Dachshunds, they come in three sizes. Standard (about 25 pound) Mini (8-15 pounds) and the little known toy or tea cup (4-8 pounds).

For more information on the myths surrounding Pit bulls and other Bully Breed Dogs, feel free to visit Zombiesanddogs.org I have the blog to most amusing and helpful. WARNING there can be some foul language on there, as she posts things from ‘popular’ Breed Specific Legislation and Banning advocates who tend to be anything but humane.